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Our tool makes it easy to sift through & compare wireless plans in seconds. Just choose the number of lines (devices) and their usage details. In addition to the "Monthly Base Cost", our tool calculates any overage fees or extra costs for your usage and shows those in the "Monthly Add-ons Cost". The Monthly Add-ons Cost is included in the "Monthly Total Cost" so you can easily compare apples to apples across plans. Note that, in general, the prices shown do not include the cost of a phone, activation costs, taxes, and various fees. A couple exceptions are that the price shown for T-Mobile ONE plans and AT&T Unlimited plans include all taxes and fees.

You can also use our tool to quickly test different usage scenarios. For example, it might makes sense for you to run a scenario for both your high-end monthly usage as well as your typical (average) monthly usage to find plans that can accomodate your high-end usage for a reasonable cost while being relatively low-cost for your typical usage.

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