Credit cards with the best sign-up bonuses - U.S.

As an initial starting point in your search for cards with the best sign-up bonuses for you, the cards below are Pareto ranked based on the value of their initial spending bonus as well as the first year annual fee. You may want to modify the preferences to better suit your specific goals. Also, as with any Pareto-ranked results, the better-than diagram can be useful for seeing which specific cards beat out other cards you were considering that were not in the #1 rank.

If you are looking at cards purely for the initial spending bonus and not the rewards you can earn from ongoing utilization, then the monthly categorical spending inputs won't matter much to you. Although, if your entered regular monthly spending is not sufficient to earn the bonus for a card, then it will be calculated at $0 and drop down in the list. If you intend to "pull forward" some spending by prepaying bills (e.g. cell phone bill or cable/Internet bill) or by "manufacturing" spending, then you may want to bump up your entered monthly spending to reflect that.