Compare cash back credit cards - U.S.

A cash-back credit card has the option of redeeming your rewards as cash in the form of a statement credit, check, or deposit to a bank account. Some credits cards that are marketed as travel cards or points cards are actually very good as cash back credit cards as well (e.g. the Discover it® Miles card in the U.S.). Our tool understands all that and, when cash back is chosen in the Reward Types sifter, will assign an appropriate value to the rewards you can earn from cards that have a cash back redemption option.

With many cards it's possible to earn a greater reward value on your earned points when redeeming them for travel than when redeeming them for cash back. So, if redemption options other than cash back are acceptable to you, be sure to also select those in the Rewards Types filter since our tool will calculate reward values based on the highest-value redemption option that is acceptable to you.