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Our decision support tools enable you to sift swiftly through your options to find what's best for you.

Bank Accounts

Find high-yielding, nationally-available deposit accounts for your capital and liquidity preferences.

Cellular Plans

Sift through plans from dozens of carriers in seconds to find low-cost plans for your usage requirements.

Credit Cards

Find the cards that will pay you more of the kinds of rewards you want for your spending and other preferences.


All work and no play? Our decision support platform can help optimize your entertainment as well! Sift swiftly through tens of thousands of movies from around the world and across time to find the best flicks from the niches you seek.

SiftSwift Topics

Our tools have many subtopic pages that feature the tools with preset configurations aimed at answering more-specific common questions. The Tool Topic Search helps you find those pages using the same familiar interface.

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